Supermodel Kate Moss tells English people to 'put it away' during summer to avoid sartorial disasters


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Supermodel Kate Moss has bemoaned the way British people dress during the summer months, claiming that our inexperience with hot weather leads to sartorial disasters.

Not renowned for making particularly conservative choices with her own wardrobe, Ms Moss nevertheless claimed the country would be a better place if fewer Britons felt the need to ‘flaunt their curves’ whenever the sunshine emerged.

"When you're driving down the road in the summer, the English people...  It's not our natural thing, no. So it's 'put it awaaaaaay!'” she told Grazia magazine.

Today, Ms Moss was spotted breaking her own fashion rules, photographed braless in a black dress that was unable to resist the penetrative flash of the paparazzi cameras. Her fans will also recall that in February, she posed half nude in Another Man magazine. Long lens photos of the model frolicking topless on her summer holidays are a red top mainstay.

The revelations did not stop there. Ms Moss declared that she has a “problem with zips”. “You know... Just zips... It's funny!” she said. The model offered readers further insight into her life by stating that it is difficult to walk a dog in heels.