The film legend Sophia Loren cleared of tax evasion by Italian court


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The film legend Sophia Loren has finally triumphed in her four decade-long battle with the courts over tax evasion charges. The Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome declared that the 79-year-old actress was a “lawful contributor”, despite claims she had dodged taxes in 1974.

That year the actress submitted taxes of 552 million lire, equivalent to 60 per cent of her declared earnings. But the authorities claimed she ought to have paid the higher 70 per cent tax rate. She even served 17 days behind bars back in 1982. She was jailed after admitting she had slightly under-stated her earnings – by about 5 million lire. 

The actress described the ruling as a “miracle of justice when there no longer appeared to be hope. I’ve finally been vindicated,” she told Corriere della Sera.