Tom Cruise finally acknowledges his running prowess in new Twitter bio

Actor particularly good at running from explosions or toward Russians

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Tom Cruise gets a bad rep. Outside of the creepy Scientology stuff he is a reasonably down to earth guy and not too proud to show himself up in public, as was shown in his spirited game of egg roulette with Jimmy Fallon and self-parodying sketch with Ben Stiller.

Now the Cruiser has come to terms with the fact that running fast and with purpose is far and away his finest acting skill, altering his Twitter bio to reflect this.

'Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981.' It now reads.

Cruise can next be seen running in The Edge of Tomorrow, was previously seen running in sci-fi thriller Oblivion, and cut his teeth on running in 90s classic Mission: Impossible.

With: Mission Impossible 5 in pre-production and Top Gun 2 and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back also announced, Tom Cruise fans can expect a lot more sprinting in the coming years too.

Until then, here's a picture of Tom doing what he does best on the Great Wall of China.