Top Un: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is Maverick as he poses with all-female pilot crew of the Anti-Air Force Unit

Just when we thought the dictator could be the most unpopular man on the planet, he poses with a fawning troupe to prove you wrong

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Kim Jong-Un played the part of Maverick in his very own photographic version of Top Un today.

Directed by Jong-Un, produced by Jong-Un and starring only himself (alongside a very appreciative all-female cast of pilots from the People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force Unit 2620), it was released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency earlier.

According to Reuters, Jong-Un kept his eye firmly on the task at hand, strictly supervising the sassy soldiers as they underwent a series of sultry, erm, flight drills.

The drills apparently passed without a single Goose incident, and all involved landed safely with smiles firmly in place.

Jong-Un’s air force visit follows an equally bizarre trip to the coastline, where he judged a military shooting contest (scroll down to watch the video).


Wearing his trademark double-breasted jacket and wielding a pair of binoculars, he remained markedly unimpressed throughout as he watched soldiers fire missiles over the sea in what could possibly be the most costly large-scale clay pigeon shoot the world has ever seen.

Despite his seeming disdain, he still awarded the officers with medals and garlands after the shoot ended, and even cracked a smile as he posed in yet another photograph.

The state-released footage comes days after the totalitarian nation prepares to hold its ‘elections’, in which Jong-Un, the third in his family to rule the secretive state, is running unopposed in a legendary mountain district.

Voting is compulsory in the country, and though it is possible to vote ‘no’ it would be somewhat dangerous for anyone to do so.

Read more on that here and watch the shoot-out below.