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One can only imagine what it's like to be Lourdes Leon (above), daughter to Madonna and her erstwhile fitness coach Carlos Leon. Yes, she has a wardrobe to steal from, the private jets to swank about on, celebrity friends to boast about at school, etc.

But – brrrrr – what about having a mother who doesn't allow TV, who famously controls her diet and for whom image is something to be manipulated into submission?

Is it any wonder that at 15, Lourdes is rebelling? She was pictured yesterday in the street with friends, puffing away on a cigarette. There was, too, the glint of a nose ring, although that has gone unreported until now.

I'd hazard it will be a short-lived habit, because there's nothing so ageing as... no, not cigarettes. There's nothing as ageing as having a daughter old enough to smoke.