X Factor winner James Arthur compares himself to a killer whale, dumps PR on Twitter

And riles fellow Cowell promoted contest winner Paul Potts in the process

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Being a PR for James Arthur is fast becoming one of the most undesirable professions the UK has to offer – possibly now a close third after turkey baster and abattoir assistant.

Because when you’re not defending homophobic slurs and dealing with angry members of his management team he’s just publicly blasted, you’re cast aside like a pre-teen relationship and outrageously dumped on Twitter.

The X Factor champion made a triumphant exit from the social media site last year after a string of embarrassing rants led his management to take control of the account.

Since then, his acerbic online tone had been replaced with the gentle, PR-friendliness of promotional tweets, posted on his behalf using hashtags like ‘#LOVE’ and ‘#GETDOWN’ and things like that.

Mr Arthur was unimpressed. He posted the following:

Then he took a swipe at first Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts, who romped to victory in 2007, with this:

Which he quickly followed up by utterly demeaning his management team by offering the job to a fan on Twitter:

Then he asked his fans to design the cover art for his forthcoming mixtape All The World’s A Stage, which will feature Arthur’s questionable rapping skills (again) and some singing.

Though he had a very specific request in mind for the imagery – it must portray the orca whale Tilikum from the harrowing docu-drama Blackfish, that famously attacked a crowd after it was forced to perform, day after day, in the confines of captivity. Why? Because James Arthur is that whale. Apparently:

No word from Arthur’s management as of yet, but he has made a foe in Potts, who tweeted the following: "You're a talented guy and ur music is great. But you're not an amateur anymore. Criticising ur promotion team openly on here isn't the best idea. Their wages come out of your budget and there will come a time when you need them more than they need u."

A powerful enemy? Perhaps not. But we dare him to take on Cowell and come away still clutching a record deal.