Nicki Minaj has some sage advice for women on achieving equal pay in the workplace

The rapper wants women to start talking about money and their sexuality

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Do you know what your colleagues earn? If you are a woman who doesn't, now is the time to find out, according to Nicki Minaj.

The Pink Friday rapper is advising women to work towards achieving a competitive rate of pay by finding out what their work mates earn comparitively.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine many women feel “uncomfortable” discussing money but urged them to do their research in order to determine their worth within a company.

Minaj’s comments are increasingly relevant in America, where women are paid .78 cent for every dollar a man makes, an issue that was recently addressed in a viral yearbook quote by California teen Caitlyn Cannon.

“I know it's taboo to discuss it at work. Technically, you shouldn't, but you need to know what people around you are making,” said Minaj. 

“Otherwise, you're not going to know what you're worth. You have to ask questions. 'What is this person getting?' Do your research. I've always been pretty competitive in terms of my pay."

Minaj also had some sage advice for women on what they should expect from their sexual partners.

"I demand that I climax,” she told the magazine. “I think women should demand that. I have a friend who's never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart."