Nicki Minaj puts Ryan Seacrest in his place after a string of anodyne red carpet questions at the Grammys

Singer put the host down as he attempted to ask the kind of boring questions only women get asked

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Nicki Minaj reacted in the best possible way to a string of boring questions.

Female celebrities have started complaining that they get asked the "rabbit food" questions on the red carpet - mostly to do with what they're wearing or their love lives. And Minaj didn't hide her disdain when she was subjected to the same treatment.

When host Ryan Seacrest, working the red carpet for E!, interrupted Minaj's photocall with Katy Perry to ask if "she got romantic" to Ariana Grande song called Get On Your Knees, Minaj rolled her eyes.

Seacrest pressed her for an answer and she said: "I got romantic to a lot of songs, I just can't remember if it was that one."

In the same interview, Seacrest asked the singer, rapper and producer about being a female rapper, and Minaj put him back in his box. She said: "I'm also, like, number four of all women."


Amy Poehler's #AskHerMore Twitter campaign, launched this year, was going strong during the Grammys. It invites social media users to submit interesting questions to ask women in the public eye, diverging from the usual "who are you wearing?" line of inquiry.

E! also continued their tradition of getting predominantly female celebrities to stand for the 360-degree Glam Cam, which takes a 3D view of what they're wearing that night.

Scarlett Johansson is just one actor who has bemoaned the vapid questions she's constantly given. “Why do you get the really interesting, existential questions and I get the, like, rabbit food question?” Scarlett Johansson, said to Robert Downey Jr during a press junket.