Nicolas Sarkozy mocked for pushing his way to the front row of the Charlie Hebdo rally in Paris

When the former French President appeared to push to the front of the march against terrorism, the internet responded with #JeSuisNico

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Nicolas Sarkozy sparked mirth from Twitter users following the Charlie Hebdo rally in Paris after he appeared to squeeze his way to the front row of the procession.

Despite the sombre nature of the march, which was to show defiance in the face of terrorism after Muslim extremists shot satirical cartoonists and people shopping in a kosher deli, social-media users could not help but poke fun at the ego the former president showed on Sunday’s march.

It sparked the hashtag #JeSuisNico, in which people Photoshopped Sarkozy's face into different situations.

And he really did the rounds.

Luckily, eagle-eyed Twitter users also spotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doing the very same thing, squeezing in next to Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.


The aerial footage of the procession revealed that the leaders didn't front the 3.5million strong march

The leaders' procession came under fire from some after an aerial photograph emerged, and critics suggested that the march was used as a handy PR opportunity.

Confirming the importance of political presence at the rally, the White House press secretary John Earnest said that the United States "should have sent someone with a higher profile".