Obama condemns the use of peas in guacamole after controversial recipe goes viral

The New York Times recipe had avocado enthusiasts incensed, including POTUS, Jeb Bush and the Texas Republican Party

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The New York Times sparked foodie outrage yesterday suggesting adding peas to guacamole, with President Obama even weighing in to tell them it was a terrible idea.

In what will no doubt go down as one of the most hipsterish controversies ever to have happened on the internet, the paper tweeted ‘Add green peas to your guacamole. Trust us’ - only for the exact opposite to happen.

People were incensed at the idea, and the paper was soon inundated with tweets from foodies who disagreed with their advice.

But it wasn’t just bored hipsters angry with the notion of changing a classic recipe.

President Obama and Jeb Bush both tweeted their sort-of-outrage, and the Texas Republican Party even got involved, saying the NYT had ‘declared war on Texas’ with their idea.

Jeb Bush had previously aired his distaste at the thought of peas in guacamole during a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Obama, meanwhile, said the only things you should add are onions, garlic and hot peppers. It is not currently known what the POTUS' stance is on adding finely diced tomatoes.

Like many things on the internet, it’s safe to say a lot of people aren’t actually that offended by it, although it didn’t stop some people calling it ‘pea-gate’ because the internet is just like that.