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Caroll 'Cappy' Lewis, trumpeter, died Los Angeles 23 November. A soloist in 'The Band that Played the Blues', Woody Herman's first band in the late Thirties. Commissioned in 1959 to make an album of sugary trumpet solos accompanied by a trio, a sound then in vogue, but instead Get Happy With Cappy was a unique and fiery collection of skilled playing. His son, Mark, was a regular member of the trumpet section in Herman's last bands.

William Campbell, meteorologist, died 20 November, aged 62. A specialist in the North and South Poles, he directed the Ice and Climate Project of the US Geological Survey. Developed satellite remote-sensing systems to record data on polar-sea ice. Twice crossed the Antarctic, in 1962 and 1964; one of its peaks - Campbell Mountain - is named after him.