Obituary: Fr Conrad Pepler

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MAY I add to Bede Bailey's obituary of Conrad Pepler (22 November)? writes Roger Smith. Mention should be made of Father Conrad's teaching of mystical theology at Oxford and his role as spiritual guide and counsellor; his three books published in the 1950s - Riches Despised, The Three Degrees, and The English Religious Heritage; his commitment to the Catholic peace movement through the Pax Society and later Pax Christi; his involvement with the Catholic arts societies; his positive support of the ecumenical movement. By dint of circumstance (and force of obedience) he became a jack-of-all-trades and master of most of them.

All who knew him will remember his wisdom, his conviviality, his kindness and generosity and his unobtrusive humility. As one Far Eastern visitor to Spode House remarked - 'a golden man'.