Obituary: Kenneth Bourne

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Kenneth Bourne, international historian, died 13 December, aged 62. Professor of International History at the London School of Economics, 1976-92, he specialised in British 19th-century foreign policy. Author of the prize-winning Britain and the Balance of Power in North America 1815-1908 (1967), the much-studied the Foreign Policy of Victorian England (1970) and an unfinished biography of Lord Palmerston (the first volume, Palmerston: the early years was published in 1982). Was also co-editing some 420 volumes of reports and papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print, 1850-1939, for an American publisher, having edited some 15 volumes on North America, 1850-1914, himself. Held eight visiting professorships and fellowships in the US, 1963-1989. Vice-Chairman Academic Board, LSE 1985-88.