Obituary: Louis van Praag

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LOUIS VAN PRAAG was a remarkable person in so many ways, writes Sir Claus Moser (further to the obituary by Michael Davie, 7 June). He must have been one of the most influential people bridging the worlds of industry and design in recent years.

He brought to his work, and indeed to his whole life, the true values of European culture and civilisation. Everything he did was touched by artistic sensitivity. Luckily for Oxford, this is where he and his family made their home, and Oxford benefited. He became Chairman of the Museum of Modern Art, a Member of the Advisory Board of the Ashmolean Museum and also of the Advisory Board of Music at Oxford. To these involvements he brought his passion for the best in the arts, his knowledge of music and the visual arts in particular, all this coupled with a tough business sense.

Oxford's artistic life owes him a permanent debt. He was the sort of person who stands for the very best in Britain's artistic endeavours and the country could do with more like him.

Louis was a most lovable human being; warm, totally unselfish, always more interested in others than himself, gentle and blessed with a lovely sense of humour.

He was a true enricher of lives of all around him.