Obituary: Mai Zetterling

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DURING the mid-1950s, I asked Mai Zetterling one day after a rehearsal of a play on which we were working together at the time (Savonia, by Lesley Storm), why she had never played Peter Pan, writes Peter Cotes (further to the obituary by David Shipman, 19 March).

Both Donald Ogden Stewart, the screenwriter, and Tyrone Power, the film actor, who had come over from Hollywood to play opposite Mai in a feature film, were supportive of the idea. But when I pressed Mai then or subsequently on the matter, she looked incredulous; and so the subject was finally closed.

I wonder how that talented, highly intelligent, uniquely attractive Barriesque character would have worked out playing The-Boy- Who-Never-Grew-Up? In the great pre-war tradition of Jean Forbes- Robertson and her like, I daresay.