Obituary: Narciso Yepes

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May I add a footnote to the obituary of Narciso Yepes [6 May]? writes Salvador Bacarisse. Colin Cooper refers to the music for the film La Fille aux yeux d'or as having been composed by Yepes. It was in fact composed by my father, Salvador Bacarisse (1898-1963), who was, like many of the musical "Generation of 1927", at that time exiled from Franco's Spain in Paris.

Narciso Yepes had long been an admirer of my father's music (a catalogue published in Madrid in 1990 lists over 100 works), and my father had in fact written the guitar Concertino en la memor for Yepes in 1952 - a work played and recorded by Yepes on many occasions. When Yepes, who was not a composer, was requested to compose the music for La Fille aux yeux d'or he asked my father whether he would write it without declaring his authorship:

Yepes, unlike my father, was well known at the time. The correspondence between the two, in my possession, leaves this in no doubt.