Nestlé poses a problem to Labour Party conference

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Nestlé, the chocolate maker and Labour Party donor, is sponsoring a Christian Socialist Movement meeting at Labour's conference next Monday: "Is slavery history?"

David Lammy, the minister for Culture, will appear next to Nestlé's head of corporate affairs/spin doctor, Hilary Parsons, and a representative from Anti-Slavery International.

Slavery has been history in the UK for 199 years, but campaigners claim that is not the case on farms in Nestlé's cocoa supply chain in the Ivory Coast.

"Nestlé has carelessly bought cocoa from plantations that use child slave labour," says Bama Athreya, executive director of the International Labour Rights Fund. "We saw child slave labour on these farms."

I asked the company: can it guarantee that child labour is not used in its Ivory Coast supply chains? A spokeswoman replies: "Nestlé has actively participated in the chocolate industry's effort to address labour concerns on cocoa farms." (Translation: no.)

Nestlé's chief executive, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, rejects "slavery" accusations, but admits: "Children are working in the Ivory Coast, without a doubt."

He warns campaigners: "You have to be very careful. You might get children off the farm and into ... the sex business."

Nestlé has declined its invitation to a major public meeting in Chicago today to discuss the issue, as has the rest of the US cocoa industry. Safety in numbers.

Maybe Anti-Slavery International - or Lammy? - will raise the subject.

Ouch! Anna fends off lustful Londoners

Anna Ilnitskaya (the striking Ukranian model - not a nasty cough) is a self-assured lady.

Last summer, the 21-year-old dumped her Italian boyfriend beneath the lenses of London's paparazzi and sped off down the road with Hollywood hellraiser Mickey Rourke, to spend a night in his £1,200 suite at the Dorchester.

In the early hours of Friday, Anna, 21, could be seen gliding about the Chelsea boite Mamalanji, where she drew the ravenous glances of sweaty posh chaps funkin' a mean chicken.

"I've just done a show for Gucci," she said. "It was special. I always try hard at work, but for Gucci the clothes are so incredible you don't walk along the catwalk. You fly above it." Quite.

Then a guy in a tie grabbed her elbow and bellowed a killer chat-up line. She planted the offending hand in the owner's crotch and flounced off. Go, girl!

Oz keeps it in the family

"British men love Russian girls," exclaimed Gyunel Boateng, the aromatic wife of suitmaker-to-the-stars Ozwald, back in 2000.

"They get a woman with style who is also domesticated, who knows how to boil potatoes. For instance, I can repair the telephone myself." Her husband has commented that she is "excellent at bringing coffee".

Pleasing to hear then that Mrs Boateng, formerly a scholar of criminal psychology, has enjoyed her first year studying fashion at St Martins.

"It is pretty hard work," she tells me, "especially as I help out in Ozwald's shop two days a week. But it's a fun challenge."

A little too early to say whether or not Emilia, six, and Oscar, three, will also, as Savile Row convention demands, join the family firm.

What a pair!

Thursday's dazzling Party Belle Epoque in a Hyde Park marquee saw well-heeled guests such as the Goldsmith and Cadbury families and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Tom Hollander shell out £100,000 in an auction for the Royal Parks Foundation.

Bridget Jones's pants - a "serious piece of bottom architecture" signed by Hugh Grant - went for £2,000.

Here's a conversational morsel from two young damsels in the bathroom - perhaps having indulged in a few glasses of Perrier Jouët champagne...

"Your breasts are fantastic."

"Oh, thank you. Actually, I've just had them reduced."

"Really! Why's that?"

"Well, my boyfriend says you only need a handful."

I'm staying out of this one...

Bolton West MP uses her loaf

Good to see Tony's ministers polishing their CVs. They were challenged to produce light-hearted Faking It-style videos showing them doing ordinary jobs, to screen to devotees at conference next week.

We already knew David Miliband (environment) dirtied his hands at a recycling plant, and Peter Hain (Northern Ireland, would-be deputy PM) joined a steering-wheel production line (going around in circles, ho ho ho).

I'm delighted to see local government minister Ruth Kelly behind the supermarket deli counter at Bolton's Co-op.

"The locals loved buying meat pies and pizza off their MP," I'm told. "I think it was all to do with how much effort Kelly put in. She seemed genuinely enthusiastic, like it was a serious job trial." But that's just unkind.