Pandora: Fallon's biography is given a second airing

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More than a year after it was withdrawn from bookshops, Andrew Longmore's controversial biography of racing jockey Kieren Fallon is once again to see the light of day.

Pandora hears that the journalist, whose original work prompted an unseemly legal row between Fallon's lawyers and the publishing house Orion, has managed to secure a deal with the Racing Post to distribute a revised edition of the work, Kieren Fallon – The Biography of the Controversial Jockey.

Fallon took exception to Longmore's book the first time around after it repeated allegations made in the News of the World that he had supposedly assaulted fellow jockey Stuart Webster during an altercation in the weighing room.

This time, we're told that no such claims will be included. "I've taken out the whole third chapter which dealt with that, brought several bits up to date, and re-written the final chapter," says Longmore. "Kieren knows it's coming out again, and he's been kind enough to let me speak to some of the people from his childhood."

No doubt the deal will come as some relief to racing enthusiasts. When the tome was withdrawn, it was widely feared that it wouldn't be republished.

"It's worked out well," a Racing Post spokesman confirms. "There was the feeling that after that first experience it wouldn't be coming out: once bitten, twice shy."

Viva la diva: Jenkins' festival cover

First J-Lo's bottom, now Katherine Jenkins' immune system. We're told the cherubic mezzo-soprano, recently departed from her manager, is to be insured for swine flu ahead of her appearance at the Big Gig Weekend. Festival organiser Kevin Newton is said to have turned to an old friend, Perry Wilson of InsureandGo, for the favour. Apparently Ms Jenkins' health is worth a tidy £1m.

Ali v Cooper, the rematch

After decades without contact, boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Sir Henry Cooper are to meet this month. The unlikely setting for the reunion? The European showjumping championships at Windsor Castle. "I'm looking forward to it," says Cooper. Relations haven't always been amicable. The Brit lost to Ali after the latter's trainer delayed their 1963 fight, claiming a hurt Ali's glove had split. But Cooper doesn't hold a grudge. "People always ask me if I'm bitter but I see it now as just part of the game."

Prezza snaps back at Quentin

Unusual measures from John Prescott, who appears to be seeking revenge for all those years of unflattering coverage. The former deputy PM yesterday issued a call to his online followers, asking them to send in any photos of waspish Daily Mail columnist Quentin Letts on holiday. "See how he likes it," grumbled Prezza. "Free signed copy of my book to the winner." Letts remains unruffled, however. "Perhaps I will take a snapshot of myself and then claim the free book from the old gusset-buster," comes the riposte. "It would make a welcome change to get something out of him for a change after all these years of him living high on the hog of the state."

Time to tidy up?

Whoops! Looks like time away from the Cabinet hasn't made James Purnell any more inclined to tidy up. The former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions was caught out several months ago when photos of his rather grimy London flat (think dirty sinks and stained wallpaper) were leaked to the press during the expenses scandal. Now similar pictures have emerged showing his constituency home with a mass of rubble piled up outside. "Er, we think those might be old," explains his office. Time to get his house in order?