Pandora: 'Godfather' star Duvall to be Gilliam's Don

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Maverick director Terry Gilliam's ongoing battle to get his big screen version of Don Quixote off the ground has proved one of the movie industry's more fraught sagas in recent years.

The former Monty Python star's first attempt at his dream project memorably ended in disaster back in 2000, courtesy of a freak storm washing away his set and lead actor Jean Rochefort pulling out after suffering a herniated disc.

To add further salt to the wounds, a subsequent documentary, Lost In La Mancha, charting the London-based American's misfortune, went on to prove a critical hit.

Now, with filming on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote due to finally recommence next year, Gilliam excitedly reveals he's identified a new lead man in the impressive form of Godfather star Robert Duvall, pictured.

"Well it's up, we're getting going again," says Gilliam. "As Bobby says, we don't have the money yet. I just think he's phenomenal. I sent him the script, and he was so excited by it."

News of a Hollywood heavyweight coming on board is especially welcome following Johnny Depp's withdrawal. Gilliam adds: "If I get Robert Duvall talking as he was on the phone with that kind of excitement, energy and childish enthusiasm, I thought, this is going to be great. I just think he's extraordinary."

As many a weary Gilliam devotee would be quick to point out, there are likely to be plenty of twists yet.

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