Pitbull's trousers upstage dancing trees at World Cup 2014 opening ceremony

Dancers with ferns stuck to their faces could only look on in amazement

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Brazil served up a bizarre World Cup opening ceremony last night filled with dancing trees and people dressed head-to-toe as footballs, but it was Pitbull's white capri pants that dominated conversation about the event on Twitter.

The rapper took to the stage to perform official tournament song We Are One (Ola Ola) in trousers that had presumably either shrunken in the wash or been borrowed last minute from duettist Jennifer Lopez.

"This morning I woke up with just one thought...Pitbull's pants. Why God, why???" one viewer wrote, a concern which seemed to be more abundant than those about sound quality during the ceremony.

Funnily enough, Pitbull's outfit choice came after Lopez starred in a skit on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show earlier in the week called, yes, 'Tight Pants', which saw her shimmying in a pair of skintight white slacks.

Pitbull and J-Lo performed alongside  Cláudia Leitte at the ceremony in the Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo, which kicked off with a giant LED ball centrepiece flashing welcome messages in the 23 languages of the 32 qualifying countries.

Performers from dance schools and academies in the city then flooded into the stadium dressed as symbols of Brazil’s stunning natural landscape: raindrops, men towering on stilts dressed as rainforest trees, and colourful flowers.