Pope Francis, Lena Dunham and JK Rowling: Funny sonnets from your favourite Twitter accounts

A new website has smashed Twitter's 140-character A-list into poems

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A new website has been set up to help Taylor Swift rival Shakespeare himself. Poetweet.com can take any Twitter account and make it into a sonnet. Somehow, the resulting poems condense their personalities perfectly.

Sarabareilless video

by Taylor Swift

My new most cherished possession.

Wenner, boy genius. #RollingStone

A very important conversation.

Kinds of stuff. #RollingStone

3 voice memos + 3 extra songs, 13…

Antonoff Produced by Jack Antonoff

We find in the sea.“ E.E. Cummings

So glad you like Shake it Off!!!!

Night. @lilyaldridge angelcandice


We celebrated your birthday TWICE.

The best and only cooking lesson…

To me.” -Bill Murray @haimtheband

Meet Olivia Benson.


Big polluters

by Barack Obama

We fought for health care reform.

This survey—it's only one question:

American men and women in uniform.

Obama on early childhood education

Quality, affordable health care.

To support grassroots organizing:

Care reform—join Team Obamacare:

Americans. Keep the momentum going:

In and help start 2015 strong:

Obama sat in for during “The Word”.

Do more to help the economy along:

Greatest natural treasures.

The largest decline since 1984.

America endures.


Tech sector

by Boris Johnson

Only 1 London space remains! Vote

Part. will be back in December.

Science that MedCity will promote

Be back for another in November

!! my lust for power glutted

Builds loyalty, cuts payroll costs!

For London has been averted.

To staff for these strike firsts

— forward w zero emission vehicles

Questions starting in 10 minutes

Along the river's 42 London miles

Made it such a safe & fun event

– should be a smashing time!

The ostrich, to daily amazement




Replaced her

by Lena Dunham

My tour looks and a cheeky tote...

Does. Today it's neon green mesh)

Another note, 5 reasons I vote! !

Comedy, you should all go profesh.

So many hearts

Of my book tour, on sale to benefit

A T-shirt longer than her shorts.“

Anywhere, at any age, in any outfit

That I take for my dermatologist

My words, back the fuck up bros.

”remove knee wart“ to my to-do list

Somewhere, I'm not interested

I'm in full support

I'm a big fan and very excited !


Good explainer

by Bill Gates

Are ½ off. Help support a teacher:

Within reach of polio eradication:

How everything ties together:

Came up with a promising invention:

Can sign up your classroom here:

My favorite spots to grab a burger:

Champion for in the 'sphere!

Trip to see how we can end hunger:

Is more fatal than other diseases.

Making a big bet for the future:

Economic growth. A few surprises:

Them banking services is a start:

About some really promising tools

U.S. in 2012? A beautiful chart:


This gift

by Oprah Winfrey

Never saw this before.

Nope didn't know. Hey Tina!!

People who have 3 and 4 and more.

Call .. Checking in North Carolina!

Moved by the trailer.#SELMAfilm

The seduction is so pervasive!

To another good night of our film!

If you lower your perspective.

When I we didn't always agree.

Saying in The Conscious Parent.

Up. Let your truth set you free!

Go back   ! See you for LIVESTREAM

Me too Jill , I could feel his pain

Now dream a bigger dream!


700 strong

by Al Gore

Course forward for the future.

Is on tour now! Don’t miss out!

Our world safer and more secure.

Using for our Oct 21 G+ Hangout

But I am cautiously optimistic:

Caretakers of Earth, our only home.

Record melting in the Arctic:

5 years ago. How far we've come!

To energy and mining companies

Crisis shouldn't be partisan

And engage their own communities.

In global climate negotiations:

Hottest month on record since 1880.

Us at to deliver their questions.



All priests

by Pope Francis

Worthy of our Christian vocation.

And our neighbour as ourselves.

In other countries in the region.

To Jesus as the model of our lives.

We allow ourselves to be forgiven.

Able, to give material assistance.

Us on the way that leads to Heaven.

We must face in Jesus’ presence.

God and find protection and care.

Children talking to their parents.

Jesus showed how real they are.

Injustice and an irreparable loss.

Without him, everything is lost.

He chooses is the way of the Cross.


A tease

by Richard Dawkins

I blocked him long ago. Richard.

Reason not to say something!

The actor and artist Lalla Ward.

Satirical wit can be hard hitting.

Out of your long private argument

“great” monotheisms, ever existed..

Conversation with intelligent50.

Of at least one example is cited.

Ability to punctuate and spell?

Religion is less forgivable.

The figure is known, please tell.

Ages but missed out on the humour

The 1st. Both fear free speech.

See him on his Australian tour:


Yes Leigh

by Russell Brand

Subvert a 2/4/5 party mechanic

Me Mum. Deleted it. I'm human.

Is Wenger after a werewolf tonic.

We need a handbag repair man!

And fight for fair treatment

I wrote this on Paris

And Sapiens at the moment

Families - but will Boris?

Post-match at Chelsea! ” beautiful

And tell him his days are numbered.

A disguise) interesting and helpful

Team - fine cockney cuisine

Experience their hypocrisy COOL

I gave em that headline“


Both counts

by J.K. Rowling

With exactly the same chapter.

Wand won’t tolerate this nonsense.

Could have saved a whole character.

It because it made economic sense.

He put up a hell of a fight.

Where the oil will flow forever.

Not me, Chris. You're right.

Were only converted to tries. over,

It up, so farewell for the present.

Didn't get lost, but nice guess...

As an interesting experiment.

Think I could stop if I tried.

I'll auto-excommunicate.

Many of us wanted was denied.


Picture though

by James Blunt

Last days of Europe...

Cave my own skull in with a hammer!

At least give our children hope.

Festival appearance this summer...

On you. Why does James blunt exist?

Album at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles!

Of a new song to my mailing list.

Tonight LA. I collect miles

Suitable to throw in time.

Probably the wrong sentiment.

Fewer guns = less gun crime.

Blunt not touring in scotland??????

3 May 2011 - San Diego

To finish off with my left hand.