President Obama gushes over Sir David Attenborough, says he is a huge fan of his work

'I have been a huge admirer of your work for a very long time'

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When President Obama sat down for a chat with Sir David Attenborough, he couldn't help but throw in a line about being a big fan of his work.

Obama, one of the most powerful men in the world, quickly found himself gushing about being a “huge admirer” of the broadcaster and naturalist’s work during their unique encounter at the White House this month.

The President, who personally invited Sir David to his house to discuss conservation and climate change, kicked off his interview by telling the 89-year-old something he has no doubt heard countless times from his legions of fans: “I have been a huge admirer of your work for a very long time…you’ve been a great educator as well as a great naturalist."

A usually composed Obama then struggled to keep the grin off his face as listened to Sir David describe children’s fascination with the natural world.

Sir David was equally complimentary about his host, describing him as “friendly, hospitable and genuine” after their meeting. “On my 89th birthday it was to my considerable surprise to find myself in a place that I’ve never been to visit the White House with the President of the United States," he added.

‘President Obama in conversation with Sir David Attenborough’ will be broadcast on BBC1 at 10pm on Sunday. Watch more of their interview here.