Prince Harry's conservation efforts in Africa dismissed as an 'adventure holiday'

The Prince is in Africa to help protect endangered rhinos and elephants

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Prince Harry’s conservation efforts in Africa have been dismissed as nothing more than an "adventure holiday" and compared to a PR stunt by members of the press and officials in Namibia.

The 30-year-old left the army after ten years of service in June to begin three months of work aimed at protecting endangered rhinos and elephants from poaching in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana.

Kensington Palace said the Prince would also be learning about the sustainable development of communities living among wildlife, as well as working with rangers in the field.

But Namibia’s Minister for Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, was sceptical about what effect Harry would actually have on conservation, according to The Nambian Sun. Mr Shifeta also stressed that trophy hunting was legal in Namibia and urged people to understand that hunting these animals “is completely within the framework of our laws”.

“We receive a lot of prominent people," he said, "but they are usually in their private capacity and they want to join in our conservation efforts and assist. We welcome this, but we do not want it to turn into a public relations exercise.”

Another newspaper columnist ridiculed his efforts on the ground in a column by asking: "Seriously, what do you bring to this miserable party? Can you out-track the local trackers? Can you live for two weeks longer on only pap and potatoes?

“I doubt much saving of rhinos will be done. The illicit trade of rhino horns and other animal products is a little more serious and complicated than what could be solved during three-month summer working holiday; even if it is a royal working holiday.

“His royal highness is here for an adventure holiday. He or his visit will not save one single rhino.”

A Royal aide said the Prince had thought "long and hard" about his decision to leave military service shortly after news of his departure was announced.