Prince Harry's #FeelNoShame campaign secret is nowhere near as hard to tell as having HIV

"Believe it or not, I get incredibly nervous before public speaking no matter how big the crowd or the audience," the royal told YouTube viewers

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So Prince Harry’s big reveal finally came around, and luckily for him, it’s nowhere near as hard to admit or discuss as having HIV.

The royal admitted that he gets “incredibly nervous” before delivering a speech because he has a fear of public speaking.

“Hi, I'm Prince Harry, patron of Sentebale,” he told viewers on YouTube at 1pm today.

“First of all I'd like to thank everybody for getting involved in the #FeelNoShame campaign, part of Sentebale.

“On today, World Aids Day, my secret is, believe it or not, I get incredibly nervous before public speaking no matter how big the crowd or the audience. And despite the fact that I laugh and joke all the team, I get incredibly nervous if not anxious, actually, before going into rooms full of people when I'm wearing a suit.

“And now that I've confessed that, I'll probably be even more worried that people are looking at me. But thank you very much for everyone who's taken part and I must encourage as many people to get involved as possible. Thank you.”

Of course, his secret wasn't quite as nondescript as that of Gemma Arterton’s. The actress revealed to gasps and awe that she’d never, ever seen a film from the Star Wars series, nor a single Back To The Future movie.


“I'm pretty ashamed about that actually,” she added. “So please #FeelNoShame.“

Other big names showing their support to the campaign included Ricky Hatton, Nicole Scherzinger, Ricky Tomlinson, Joss Stone, Jools Holland, Louis Smith, Paloma Faith and Ralph Little.

The #FeelNoShame campaign  coincides with World Aids Day, and aims to show solidarity with thousands of sufferers who remain quiet about their viral illness because of the stigma attached to it.

“To show our support for the children of Lesotho, and help reduce the stigma for all those affected by HIV, we are turning this World Aids Day into a day in which no-one should feel any shame about their secrets,” Prince Harry said in a statement.

“Together, we can tackle the stigma surrounding HIV and give the young people carrying it the childhood they deserve. The childhood so many of us take for granted.”