Credo: Piers Morgan

Broadcaster and journalist, 44
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I believe...

I'm a shameless hypocrite. After 20 years of pillorying celebrities for their vacuous lives, I became one and realised I'd been talking nonsense. Actually, it's great fun.

The art of interviewing is very similar to the art of seduction. You have to woo the person in front of you into thinking they are incredibly relaxed, loosen their tongue so they are frank about all aspects of their life, and hopefully you end up with an orgasmic result – only in a literary sense.

My best ever interview was with Nick Clegg. You ask a leader of a major political party how many women he's slept with, not believing in a million years he'll tell you, then to your utter joy you find him going for a figure you know will be the headline on his obituary in 60 years' time: "Man who slept with around 30 women dies."

The Mirror's campaign against the Iraq War will go down in history as one of the great newspaper campaigns. I just wish it had been successful. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people lost their lives, and for what? We just turned Iraq into a melting pot of terrorism.

The correct answer to the question of whether journalistic standards are getting better or worse is the one Lord Deedes gave me. He said: "I've worked in journalism for 80 years and I can honestly say, without any fear of contradiction, that standards are about as bad as they've always been."

There are a lot of differences between the real Piers Morgan and my public persona, but I prefer to keep those to myself. I quite like my persona, even if it is generally reviled by the world. It doesn't do me any harm, from what I can work out.

My next ambition is to get into movies. A couple of people are trying to adapt my book The Insider, but the stumbling block is that I want to play myself. Why get Brad Pitt when the real thing is sitting here?

Piers Morgan is judge and mentor for Green SOS, npower's search for the UK's greenest teenagers (