Daisy Lowe: 'I'd rather be nice and warm at home than go out and get drunk'


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Getting snapped at fashion events is part of the package – even if the pictures that come out [in the media] can sometimes be bad. I wish you could delete bad photos in newspapers, like you can [untag them] on Facebook.

I go into nude shoots as another character If I went in as little old me I wouldn't have the confidence to do it. [Lowe has posed naked in magazines including Playboy and Esquire.] So I put on a show, become more provocative and mouthy and I get into it. It's an instinctive thing I started on my first Agent Provocateur shoot.

I hate it when photographers hide behind trees and then walk out at me. It freaks me out.

Having a dog makes life simpler It grounds me and encourages me towards a life of domesticity; if I'm out too long he sometimes pees in defiance. He's a little white Maltese terrier and it feels amazing to have all this unconditional love from him.

Everyone should pick up their dog's poop I saw a girl in the park, dolled up in big designer clothes, who had a big husky. It did a giant poop on the ground and she just walked off, so I went up to her and said, "Did you know your dog did a poo over there?" She said she didn't have a plastic bag for it, so I gave her mine. I'm a grandma a heart!

I love my mum's clothes [Pearl Lowe designed a range for high-street shop Peacocks.] I'm obsessed with them as they're really comfy but fit well. I have a drawer dedicated to her lines; my favourite is a cream short-sleeve dress with three black bows and a lace belt.

I don't like people messing with my space I don't mind other people's mess, but when people come into my space and mess around in my wardrobe or my shoes, I don't like it; my friends call me OCDaisy.

I'm a real homebody When you're working hard it's an easy choice to make: I think, well, I'm exhausted, shall I go out and get drunk and get my photo taken some more, or shall I be in with my mates, nice and warm at home and make yummy meals – I'm like a 1950s housewife.

I get a lot of requests for my honey-fried chicken I soak the chicken in milk and honey and garlic-salt for an hour, then roll the chicken in flour and honey-nut cornflakes (bashed into crumbs) and I fry it in sunflower oil.

Everything happens for a reason I've been disappointed when I've tried to go for things in the entertainment industry or the modelling world and didn't get them, but then I would never have done other [projects] that happened since. So now I try not to take anything personally and be grateful for the success that I have.

Daisy Lowe, 23, is a fashion model and celebrity ambassador for Clothes Show Live 2012 (clothesshowlive.co.uk), which runs from 7 to 11 December at the NEC Birmingham