My Week: Mr Motivator, Fitness guru

The returning fitness guru finds his public again – and spends some quality time with the Prime Minister
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I always get up before five, but today it feels different, because instead of training I'm going in to work. I still manage to get in 20 or 30 minutes of loosening up. I need it in this weather. I flew in from Jamaica on Saturday and it is a lot colder than I'm used to.

I'm up for GMTV and I'm quite nervous. The first time around Mr Motivator was entertainment, but this time there's a real purpose. But it feels good to be back on the sofa. It all brings back memories of Eamonn Holmes.


I was on the streets today, recording a lot of promos. Everyone I meet is very receptive. The public has never gone away, from students to older folk – they all know Mr Motivator; it's Derrick Evans they don't know. I'm filmed running through the market picking up fruit and veg. It's meant to be like Rocky. But wow it's cold. I can feel it getting through to my bones. I can't believe I left the sunshine for this.

In the evening I look at the guidelines I've been sent about what I can talk about to Gordon Brown, whom I'm meeting tomorrow. I'm very excited and nervous about it. I've never been to Downing Street before.


Straight away Mr Brown was very warm. He showed me the pictures of prime ministers on the stairs and I asked if we could include a place at the top for Mr Motivator. Vote for Mote!

Anyway, he was very open and he seemed genuine about being into fitness – away from the camera people are much more honest. There's a natural synergy between our Stay Motivated campaign and what the Government is doing. He said he definitely saw a role for me going up and down the country and helping people to eat healthily and get exercise. I hadn't thought about it before but I would consider it. You know me: I live and breathe health and fitness.


Up to Dundee to meet 10 women with toddlers who meet once a week for tea and cakes. I give them exercise tips that can involve the baby as well. I don't get a chance to see the place because of the filming and I don't get back until past 11 – it's an excursion and a half. But at two in the morning I'm still on my website, trying to answer everyone personally. It's getting difficult because traffic's gone up 200 per cent.


It's interviews all day – everyone is grabbing for me, thank God. Since I'm not on the show this morning I get a little bit of a lie-in, but if I sleep more than my five hours I get a headache, and I have one all day. Still, at least I can get my regime going again, with an hour and a half of cardio and weight training in the afternoon. I've been neglecting it all week.

GMTV's Get Motivated campaign begins on Monday