The 5-minute Interview: Wayne Hemingway, fashion designer

'There's a correlation between sustainability and happiness'
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Fashion designer turned urban planner, Wayne Hemingway, 47, founded the Red or Dead clothing label. From 4 April he will be participating in B&Q's "Body Warming not Global Warming" initiative to create sustainable housing in the UK.

If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be...Catching up on all my e-mails so that when I get home I can be a dad and not a workman.

A phrase I use far too often... "In a bit". I use it a lot with the kids, when I know it's getting towards playtime and I'm finishing some work.

I wish people would take more notice of... The fact there's more to sustainability than carbon efficiency. There's definitely a correlation between happiness and sustainability. We're one of the unhappier nations in that respect.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was... When I found out a few weeks ago that I'm not invincible. I ruptured the cruciate ligament in my knee.

A common misperception of me is... That I'm a bloody celebrity. There's a difference between celebrities and people who try to achieve things.

I am not a politician but... I would try and get more creative minds to work in public service, and make politics a bit sexier. They have to be a little bit more radical.

I'm good at... Getting things done and following through on ideas.

I'm bad at... For a designer, I'm very bad at drawing. But my wife can draw so it's all right.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is this... Do everything you can, in your own small way, to leave this world a better place than when you arrived.

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