Ralf Little accuses Clarke Carlisle of 'not telling the full story' after Carlisle's newspaper interview describing suicide bid

The Two Pints of Lager actor accused the footballer of "getting away with it"

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Ralf Little left people baffled when he took to Twitter to discuss Clarke Carlisle's suicide bid.

Carlisle told The Sun that he tried to take his own life in December by stepping out in front of a lorry. Little tweeted:

He added: “There comes a point where it’s just frustrating to witness someone constantly hammering the pattern of destruction for those around – and I was once one of those around - only to see the destructive force make a moving and sincere apology… then do it again.

“(On reflection, that’s the nature of addiction/illness, and I know that all too well, but as I say, a rash tweet and it’s not the place for it. )”

Carlisle has ostensibly responded via his wife Gemma's Twitter account: "Hi Ralf, it's Clarke here. I have seen you once in 10 years, and that was to apologise for my repulsive behaviour as a young man.

"I know you have you're right to your opinion, but I've got to say, I sincerely hope that you're not the same person you were 10 years ago, as I very much am not.

"I hope you are well, happy and enjoying your excellent career. I pray depression never bites x".

The tweets were sparked by an interview Carlisle gave with today's Sun newspaper. Carlisle said that trying to kill himself was his "lowest point" and helped him realise he was "incredibly unwell".


Little's in-depth explanation explained that he had "history" with Clarke.

On Twitter, Little also claimed that Carlisle's past actions had endangered the "lives of countless other people".

However, some users pointed out the irony that Little criticised Carlisle after posting this tweet:

The Independent has  contacted Carlisle for comment.