Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

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The following have been elected officers of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for the ensuing year:

President, Dr Anthony D. Toft; Vice-President, Dr John D. Cash; Treasurer, Dr Alexander T. Proudfoot; Secretary, Dr Jeremy St J. Thomas; Registrar, Dr John F. Munro; Dean, Dr Robert A. Wood; Assessor, Dr James C. Petrie; Members of Council, Dr John K. Nelson, Dr John L. Anderton, Dr Mary E. Carter, Dr David H. Lawson, Dr Christopher C. Smith, Dr Michael J. Godman, Dr Ray W. Newton, Dr John B. Irving, Dr Alexander M. Davison, Dr Helen E. Zealley, Dr Caroline E. Whitworth, Dr Brian F. Tregaskis; Editor of Proceedings, Dr Wilfred Sircus; Deputy Editor of Proceedings, Dr Reginald Passmore; Clerk, Mr John H. MacFie.