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Royal Geographical Society

The Annual General Meeting of the (with the Institute of British Geographers) was held yesterday evening at the Society's headquarters, London SW7. Lord Jellicoe, President, presented the following medals and awards:

Founder's Medal: Professor John Woods (Imperial College, London). Patron's Medal: Professor John Thornes (King's College London). Victoria Medal: Professor Ronald Abler (Association of American Geographers). Busk Medal: Professor Alexey Yablokov (Russian National Security Council). Cherry Keaton Medal and Award: Alastair Fothergill (Head of the BBC Natural History Unit). Murchison Award: Professor R.A. Dodgson (University College Wales). Back Award: Dr Rory Walsh (University of Wales, Swansea). Cuthbert Peek Award: Professor J. Duncan (University of Syracuse, New York). Gill Memorial Award: Professor Philip Rees (Leeds University). Ness Award: Major Alastair Rogers (Royal Marines). Edward Heath Award: Professor David Drakakis-Smith (Liverpool University). Geographical Award: Tate and Lyle. Alfred Steers Dissertation Prize: Anna Mallett (Durham University) and Adrian Manning (Edinburgh University).