RuPaul says people who voted against gay marriage in Ireland 'need to get out more'

The entertainer added that people needed to learn to love themselves

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Drag Race presenter RuPaul has said that people reacting badly to Ireland’s decision to allow gay marriage “need to get out more” and learn to love themselves.

RuPaul Andre Charles, better known as RuPaul, suggested that people who opposed the marriage vote were unhappy with themselves rather than the LGBTQ+ community.

"I don't want get too metaphysical here - it looks like we're separate but we're actually one thing - so it's important to love yourself and in doing that you'll love other people too," he told the BBC's Newsbeat.

On those that voted against the Irish referendum (a tiny majority as the Green Isle voted overwhelming to legalise same-sex marriage) he had this to say: "Honestly? They need to get out more often and learn to love themselves.”

The entertainer, who is in the UK to promote his show's lauch in Britain, added that he was delighted over the result – if “surprised” that it had taken so long.