Russell Brand praises Jeremy Corbyn for being the voice of the 'ordinary people' and describes Tony Blair as 'really eerie'

Brand has returned to political vlogging after promising not to do it any more.

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Russell Brand may have pledged to stop talking about politics following the 2015 election, but he’s back, having been lured into the political discourse once again by the popularity of Labour party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

On his Youtube channel The Trews, Brand delivers his cutting political insight from the end of his bed, waving a bit of paper around.

He sarcastically cries out that Corbyn must be mad, before going on to list all the things he is campaigning against, including ending austerity, being against bombing Syria, disagreeing with benefit caps, ending Trident, pushing for free education and challenging sexism. The point, if you’re still following this, is that these qualities all make Corbyn very good, so the attacks on him in the media are ridiculous.

"What an absolute lunatic!" he says sarcastically.

Brand then mocks Tony Blair, who is shown talking about Corbyn’s campaign, describing the former Prime Minister as possessing "a really eerie quality".

"Now I’ve not been following this too closely," Brand admits, "But it seems to me that Jeremy Corbyn is being attacked by the media and by the establishment simple because he’s talking on behalf of ordinary people."

Brand says that compared to other prospective Labour party leaders - such as "the Burnham one" and "the Cooper one" - Corbyn stands out because the others "just float around".

"So, you know, bloody hell! Jeremy Corbyn would be a better kind of New Labour," he posits. "The fear would be: can party politics ever impact the will of the people?"

Well it might help if they register to vote first.