Russell Brand side-steps the formal inquiry to take on the 'paedophiles in Westminster'

“Well, I think it is for me to judge,” Brand says in response to Labour MP Tom Watson's claims against Lord Brittan this week

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Isis. FOX News. Tony Blair. There aren’t many terrorist groups, news organisations or world leaders that Russell Brand hasn’t attempted to take to task in an episode of The Trews.

Now, the comedian has turned his attentions back to the government in a revolution-rousing episode of his YouTube series called ‘Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles?’

Seemingly side-stepping the formal inquiry, he gives his opinion on the investigation into an alleged paedophile ring in Westminster following the death of Lord Brittan.

The former Home Secretary’s retirement after years of public service has been dogged by controversy over the alleged cover-up of child abuse on his watch.

In 1983, Lord Brittan was handed a 40-page dossier by the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens, which allegedly documented the involvement of well-known figures in a child sex ring. The dossier has gone missing, but he had denied failing to act on the file.

Friends of Lord Brittan, who died last week, said his final months had been clouded by a ‘smear campaign’


Last week, Labour MP Tom Watson said he had spoken to two people who claimed they were abused by the Conservative peer, including a witness known as Nick who alleged he had been attacked more than a dozen times as a boy. He also claims to have seen the politician assault others.

“It’s not for me to judge whether the claims against Lord Brittan are true, it’s for the police to investigate these claims as they continue to do so,” Watson said. “But I believe the people I’ve spoken to are sincere.”


“Well, I think it is for me to judge,” Brand counters, before launching into his dissection of the reported events.

His comments come after an episode of the satirical series earlier this week, in which he called on viewers to push for a British equivalent of the Greek left-wing party Syriza that has just swept to power.

“If we had a party like Syriza in Britain, I would vote for it,” he said. “I would urge you to vote for it. What this is an opportunity for us to bully, galvanise, push political powers into representing us properly.”