Russell Brand turns his attention to US politics by taking on Donald Trump's 'period' comments

'Donald Trump is a joke - period'

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After swearing off British politics, Russell Brand has now turned his attention to political affairs in the US, where Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican leadership contest.

Trump has made numerous headlines with his increasingly controversial statements, recently clashing with Fox News host Megyn Kelly during the GOP debate over his disparaging comments about women.

In a discussion about Kelly’s questions afterwards, Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” a comment that many understood to be him trying to insult Kelly by suggesting she was challenging him because she was on her period.

The ever-controversial Donald Trump

Women reacted to his comments by live-tweeting updates about their cycle at Trump. His notifications are still being flooded with tweets about menstruation almost a week later.

Brand addressed the furore surrounding the comments in an episode of his YouTube programme The Trews, entitled ‘Donald Trump is a joke- period.’

The comedian said Trump had become almost “kind of delightful” because he is so "absurd".

"This thing where he said Megyn Kelly might be menstruating, that the only reason you could find Donald Trump is objectionable is because you are menstruating - let me tell you this, I find Donald Trump objectionable and I am not menstruating," he said.

"It's almost such a profound misunderstanding of the nature of manners, male/female interaction, media, politeness, common decency that you sort of think 'oh, don't say that Donald’.

"What I think will happen as a result of Trump's participation in the presidential election is that he kind of pollutes the air with toxic thinking and it forms part of a crazy zeitgeist."