Russell Brand's views about voting aren't far off fascism, says Al Murray

The Fringe comedian compared The Trews star's political ideas as not dissimilar to that of Hitler's

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Russell Brand’s views on drugs laws, voting and the government have largely been considered on the left of central by most socio-political observers.

Not so for fellow comedian Al Murray, who’s said the enigmatic star’s continued encouraging of people to spoil their ballot papers "isn't far off a fascist idea".

"That’s not his intention, obviously. He’s trying to show the powers-that-be. But fascists are very keen on people not voting."

"I’m not calling him a fascist there, by the way," he added, ruining our headline somewhat.

He then went on to contemplate the place politics has in stand-up, saying that those comedians who wear their ideologies on their sleeves "aren't doing their job properly".

"I mean that from a plague-on-all-their-houses point of view," he told webzine Spiked Online.

Comedian Al Murray

"When I first came out with that, it got thrown back at me as me saying I think comedians shouldn’t have opinions. That’s the exact opposite of what I meant – we should entertain all opinions and run them all down."

Brand’s name has hit the headlines numerous times over the past few weeks, mainly for sharing his views on the conflict between Israel and Gaza, and his quick-witted critique of FOX News anchor Sean Hannity’s somewhat bias coverage of the violence.


Most recently, he called for big businesses in Britain to boycott investments in Israel that “facilitate the oppression of people in Gaza”.

"The message they give us is the exact opposite of the reality, they're acting like they're part of our community," he said during an episode of The Trews, which you can watch below.

"But if we're aware of the reality of what they do, then we have the power to influence them."