Ryan Gosling Father's Day adopted baby hoax fools one million Facebook users

BREAKING: People are idiots

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A fake Father's Day Facebook post from "Ryan Gosling" detailing how he adopted an orphaned baby for a year has attracted Likes from almost one million users.

The story provoked squees of 'OMG JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT HE COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT' from fans, who readily believed that Ryan Gosling concealing a baby from the world for one year is a possibility.

"This little guy was only 9 months old when I became his dad. His mom and I were great friends before she passed away from cancer. I promised her, I'd always look after him. So, I had decided to step up and become his dad," the post on a Ryan Gosling fan page read, alongside a picture of him holding a baby.

At the time of writing over 915,000 people have Liked the post despite all the hallmarks of a hoax being there, including the link for users to "save thousands of children and meet me while doing it" redirecting to the purchase page for a Gosling t-shirt.

Some media outlets even reported the news including Closer, who have since pulled their story.

Some did see sense however, with one user commenting: "Abraham Lincoln once said,"Don't believe everything you read on Facebook."'

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