Sarah Palin posts New Year's message using images of son Trig stood on family dog

‘May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone’ she posted with the pictures

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Sarah Palin has just found a brand new section of society to rile after she shared her New Year’s message on Facebook.

The former US vice presidential candidate took to Facebook on New Year’s Day to share what she apparently intended to be an inspirational message.

She showed her six-year-old son Trig taking on the challenge of not being able to reach the kitchen sink because the family dog was lying in his path. In his determination to help wash the dishes, Trig stood on the dog, which Palin then took pictures of.

She wrote: “Happy New Year! May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward.

“Trig just reminded me.  He, determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for “up!” found me and a lazy dog blocking his way.

“He made his stepping stone.”

The post, which featured three photos of Trig climbing on the dog and then proudly standing on him, garnered thousands of comments, many of which expressed outrage at the scene.

Some claimed the dog looked like he was “smiling” and that there was no need for criticism, but many disagreed. Susan Humphrey wrote: “Having raised a child with disabilities we don’t have the luxury of being ‘oblivious’. She stood there long enough to take a picture without correcting the situation. Urgh, then posted it thinking it was cute.”