Sarah Palin tells Saturday Night Live hecklers to 'get a job'

The former vice presidental candidate shouted comebacks at haters, saying: 'Don't be jealous'

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Sarah Palin might have seemed an unlikely guest at the 40th anniversary party of Saturday Night Live, but she got into the spirit of the event.

The former governor of Alaska was famously sent up by SNL star Tina Fey, but she gamely attended the A-list event in New York to celebrate 40 years of the sketch show.

However, while posing for selfies with fans outside the venue, people threw insults at her.

Palin responded: "Are you in showbusiness? Then don't be jealous, boy."

The insults kept coming, with hecklers opting for put-downs along the lines of: "Sarah you look old. Sarah put some clothes on."

"Hey, when you get a job you can talk to me, OK?".


Palin, who resigned from government in 2009, gestured to the crash barriers that separated them and yelled: "Hey, I'm here, and you're there."

Most recently, Palin launched news network the Sarah Palin Channel, and inadvertently raised £16,000 for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.