Scottish independence: Andy Murray backs Yes campaign in eleventh hour decision

British number one tweeted his support late last night, providing a last minute fillip for the independence movement

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Andy Murray has backed Scottish independence in a move stunning supporters.

In an eleventh hour decision the British tennis player tweeted fans: “Huge day for Scotland today! No campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. Excited to see the outcome. Lets do this!”

Mr Murray does not live in Scotland and so does not have a vote, however, the Wimbledon champion – who previously said he didn’t like Alex Salmond unfurling the Saltire after his victory – wields huge power among his fans.

The tweet, sent out to Mr Murray's 2.7 million followers, was published at 2am this morning and has already been retweeted thousands of times.

He has previously steered clear of the debate, although he did confirm he would play for an independent Scotland.

Earlier this year in March he said: “I will take a position. My thoughts on it aren’t that relevant, because I can’t vote myself.

“I wouldn’t personally choose to make my feelings on something like that public either because not a whole lot of good comes from it.

“I don’t know a whole lot about politics, and I have made that mistake in the past and it’s caused me a headache for seven or eight years of my life and a lot of abuse.

“So I wouldn’t consider getting involved in something like that ever again.”

The British number one’s intervention was welcomed by Yes voters on the day when the people of Scotland decide whether they will break away from the United Kingdom.

Polling booths opened across Scotland early this morning and will close at 10pm tonight.

Results are expected to start trickling in at around 2am.