Senior Israeli politician's wife Judy Mozes apologises for 'racist' joke about President Obama

“I apologize, that was a stupid joke somebody told me,” Mozes tweeted

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The wife of a senior Israeli politician has apologised for making a “racist” joke about President Obama.

Mozes, a journalist and radio presenter, is married to Silvan Shalom, Israel’s vice prime minister and minister of the interior.

She reportedly tweeted from her official Twitter account: “Do you know what Obama coffee is? Black and weak.”

The remark sparked outrage online, with people on Twitter hitting out at her “racist” comments.

Mozes has since deleted the Tweet, and apologised. She said: “I apologize, that was a stupid joke somebody told me.”

Her apology sparked yet more criticism, with one user stating: “For future reference, you actually don’t have to tweet every stupid, racist joke people tell you about POTUS,” while another user wrote, “There is no excuse for explicit racism.”


It is not the first time a high-profile figure has apologised to President Obama. In December last year an email exchange between Sony chairwoman Amy Pascal and film producer Scott Rudin was hacked and published, showing  that the pair discussing what film to screen at a Democratic event, which the President would be attending.

Their suggestions to each other centred around films starring African American actors. Rudin issued an apology after the exchange was published.