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Service appointments

The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captain: JB Simpson - MOD Bath.

Commanders: MA Cornberg - Heron; JE Dawson - exchange Australia; PE Godwin - Staff of FOSF; CA Johnstone-Burt - Brazen in Cmd; MWB Shaw - Staff of 2SL/CNH; SA Thorburn - RNSC Greenwich; T. Tomkow - MOD London.


Chaplains: GJ Smith - Staff of FOSF Devonport; NE Woodcock - Sultan.

Retirements: Commander RPP Burkitt; Acting Commander CE Robertson.


Brigadier: JG Reith - to MOD.

Colonel: AW Merrick - to HQ AFCENT.

Lieutenant-Colonels: SP Cowlam RLC - to be CO 10 TPT Regt RLC; PW Middlemiss KOSB - to HQ LANDCENT; RL Scott-Bowden RS - to be CO 1 RS; RM Venning RGR - to School of INF (WARMINSTER) HQ; RJR West R SIGNALS - to SHAPE; AW Russ R SIGNALS - to be CO 14 SIG REGT (EW).

Retirement: Col CJ Constable Late RCT.


Gp Capt JA Broadbent, Gp Capt CR Fowler and Gp Capt I. Sloss, to be Aides-de-Camp to the Queen.

The Rev J. Shedden RAF, to be Honorary Chaplain to the Queen.

Air Commodore: MJ Gardiner - to HQ 38 Gp.

Group Captains: BM Cottam - to RAF Staff College Bracknell; TM Arnot - to HQ PTC.

Wing Commanders: KG Brackstone - to HQPTC; RG Parker - to HQPTC; BL Pile - to HQ 1 GP Benson; EM Stuart - to RAF Lyneham; AFE Williams - to RAF Cranwell; RMH Ellis - to HQ STC; IR McLuskie - to SHFHQ BENSON; PG Middleton - to SHAPE INT STAFF; CJ Gowers - to MOD AFD/D AIR OFF; KG Grumbley - to HQ AIRCENT; PWM Price - to HQ STC; WA Johnson - to JOC PINDAR; KJ Pellatt - to MOD AFD/D AIR DEF; D. Strickland - to SHAPE INT; W. Lacey - to USA; GJ Stewart - to IUKADGE Sector South; SJ Lloyd - to MOD DGMSI; GP Dixon - to Exchange Duties USA; WJ Gimblett - to JSPI RAF Wyton; AF Stuart - to HQ PTC; AMO Scott - to HQ STC; DC Roome - to HQ PTC; EJ Scaplehorn - to HQ AF Northwest; DB Love - to HQ LOGS CMD.