Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captain: JK Covell - Sultan as Capt.

Commanders: FJ Aitken - MOD London; ARC Bennett - MOD London; CW Crichton - Devonport; J. Davis - MOD London; PM Egerton - MOD London; AW Forsyth - Dryad; HN Gale - Nato Europe; DJ Hughes - Nato USA; DR Larmour - Staff of FONA; KD Mackenzie - Boscombe Down; SR Munro - Centurion; AN Law - Nato Europe; SC Martin - MOD London; NGH Moberly - Bath; KM Redford - Rooke in Cmd; DJ Sayer - MOD London; MW Stenning - Mercury; AB Trentham - Staff of CINCFLEET; PM Wardley - Nato Europe.

Majors: TM Gregory - Exchange Army; ADF Rogers - MOD London.

Retirements: Commander D. Fulton; Commander AL Horton; Commander CD Lean; Commander RF Raphael; Commander R. Robertson; Commander RP Slemon; Commander BJ Smith; Commander D. Smith; Surgeon Commander A Yates; The Rev MTP Foulds.


Brigadiers: C Groves - to MOD; RMM Low - to be Comd BMATT Zimbabwe; DE Radcliffe - to be Comd Arty HQ UKLF.

Colonels: SG Adlington - to be Comd HQ Dhekelia Gar; CN Brand - to be Comd SPS UKLF; RJ Coate - to MOD; CS Grant - to MOD; MP Selby - to be Comd (ES) 3 (UK) Div HQ and Sig Regt; JMW Stenhouse to HQ Scotland; AA Wilson - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: ICD Blair-Pilling REME - to MOD; JS Campbell RLC - to LSP ANGOLA; M. Dowdle RLC - to MOD; JA Flake AGC (SPS) - to HQ SDIST; P. Gilchrist RTR - to be CO 1RTR; SM Gledhill RA - to be CO 16 AD Regt; RC Gray RLC - to HQ SDIST; PN Hinde LI - to MOD, AWJ Kennett PARA - to RMAS; JR Ibbotson PARA - to RAF Cranwell; CMI Tennent KRH - to be CO EMid UOTC. RNA Lewis 10 GR - to Brit Lias Tm KUWAIT; DJ Morris RAMC to 2 Armd Fd Amb as CO; JS Newman-Carter RLC - to be Comdt JSMTC Scotland; SJL Roberts IG - to be CO 1 IG; JM Ross R Signals - to Bowman Mil Tm; JF Skipworth RAMC to RAM Coll; MJ Sloman QARANC to RHQ QARANC; DG Thackaberry AGC (ETS) - to RCB; DW Walsh Kings - to Sch of Inf (Warminster) HQ; BE Weaving AGC (SPS) - to MOD; JG James PARA - to MOD; RMJ Rollo-Walker LI - to HQ UKLF; AW Sutherland RLC - to HQ UKLF; CC Wilson RA - to be CO 47 Regt RA.

Retirements: Col SR Nathan Late AAC; Col MR Newby Late REME; Col MJ Smith Late RAOC; Col WHT Spaight Late RE; Lt-Col DA Newton RADC.


Group Captains: AJH Alcock - to HQ AFCENT; TJ Murray - to HQ AFSOUTH; JC Gilbert - to MOD; WW Robinson - to MACD Swanton Morley; JP Dacre - to Riyadh; IS Corbitt - to HQ STC.

Wing Commanders: CR Loader - to 3 Sqn Laarbruch; KJ Parkes - to Aldergrove; BP Simmonds - to MOD ACDS OR(AIR); JG Evans - JACIG Scampton; AG Hill - to MOD AFD; BC Debenham - to MOD AFD; MC Bullock - to RAF PMC; AG Willenbruch - to RAF St Athan; BG Benstead - to MOD AF/D SIG(AIR).