Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: DJ Anthony - MOD London; RE Crawford - MOD; CV Ellison - MOD London; JJ Hart - Staff of FOSF; RF Johns - Sultan AIB; S. Moore - Dartmouth BRNC as Captain; AW Netherclift - Staff of FOSF; RMV Cillis - Staff of CINCFLEET.

Commanders: RM Blake - Dryad; THV Clark - MOD London; KJ Davidson - MOD Yeovilton: OJ Davies - Fearless; NH Davis - Staff of FO Portsmouth; G. Goodwin - Dolphin; DA Lewis - MOD London; RM Little - Neptune; JBA Musters - Staff of CINCFLEET; RJ Parkes - MOD London; J. Patrick - HQRM Nelson; RHC Simpon - Staff of Captain SM2; JR Townsend - Staff of FOST SEA; JL Williams - Invincible.

Chaplains: KC Bromage - Staff of FOSF SEA; M. Brotherton - Ark Royal; DA Lacy - Neptune; M. Sharkey - HQRM Nelson.

Retirements: Commander CW Flander; Commander BJ Stevens.


Colonels: CM Lake to RHQ RLC; DS Macfarlane to HQ SDIST.

Lieutenant-Colonels: RS Coward RAOC to Jt Fce Ops Staff; PR Dick-Peter R Signals to be Comd Comms HQ Londist; RJ Griffiths RE to MOD; P. Neame Para to Sch of Inf (Warminster); PG Shute RAOC to MOD; DW Townsend RAOC to MOD; NA Bedford RA to RMCS; DW Townsend RAOC to MOD; NA Bedford RA to RMCS; DG Benest Para to MOD.

Retirements: Brigadier JC Holman late Queens; Colonel RJA Calderwood late REME.


Air Commodore: DPM McGill to MOD (PE).

Wing Commanders: AK Ebdon to HQ 11 Gp; CF Field to RAF College Cranwell; RM Webster to 217 MU Cardington; DA Ingham to RAF PMC.