Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: JHAJ Armstrong - MOD London; PJ Grindal - Sea Cadet Corps; SNG Sloot - CINCNAVHOME; JB Taylor - JSDC Greenwich.

Commanders: LJ Bamber - Collingwood; WK Benbow - Staff of FONA; T. Blakeley - Sultan; PM Egerton - MOD Bath; J. Fenwick - MOD Bath; DJ Fifield - Staff of CINCFLEET; NJ Hillier - JSDC Greenwich; JH Leatherby - FOSM Northwood; NR Owen - BRNC Dartmouth.

Surgeon Commanders: AEJ Hodges - RNAS Portland; DV Lunn - RNH Plymouth; SJ Squires - RNH Haslar.

Chaplains: M. Sharkey - HQ CDO Forces.

Retirements: Capt S. Lyons; Commander MDE Davies; Commander KA Harris; Commander PJ Legge; Commander PH Longhurst.


Maj-Gen AA Denison-Smith, to be Colonel The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires) 9 September 1992 in a new appointment.

Colonels: PR Bell - to be DA/MA Nairobi; MH Kefford - to be DA/MA Kathmandu; GL Kerr - to be Comdt Staff Coll; PM Lear - to MOD; RJS Wardle - to Int Mil Staff Brussels.

Lieutenant-Colonels: REH Aubrey-Fletcher GREN GDS - to be CO 2 GREN GD; MW Burdick RA - to RSA Larkhill; BA Campbell QO Hldrs - to UK Mil Rep and Staff Brussels; SJ Carruthers REME - to be CO 71 AC Wksp; MS Marshall ACC - to ACS (BAOR); HPD Massey RHG/D - to H CAV MR; MC Parish Kings - to be CO 5/8 KINGS; RJ Pook D and D - to MOD.

Retirements: Col CA Butterfield Late RCT; Col PD King-Fretts Late D and D; Col AJ Smith Late WRAC.


Air Commodore: DJ Hamilton-Rump - to HQ RAFSC.