Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captain: DJ Burns - FOSM Northwood; NCF Guild - Staff of FOSF; JWR Harris - MOD London; B. Leighton - CINCNAVHOME HQ; AJ Lyall - MOD London.

Commander: BR Coward - FOSM Northwood; PJ De Sa - MOD London; RA Doxsey - Cornwall; LR Hayward - York; IL Jarvis, Cornwall; RJK Meryon - Nato USA; MF Phillips - Nato Italy; JA Rimington - Sultan; TJ Stoneman - RNSC Greenwich.

Chaplain: TW Harris - Staff of FOSF.


Brigadier: AP Norris - to HQ UKLF.

Colonels: AAS Adams - to be CO CPO BAOR; PJ Wagstaffe - to P & EE Shoeburyness; V. Batchelor - to HQ UKLF; CT Rogers - to HQ TRADOC USA; WE Strong - to be Comd RA Range Hebrides.

Lieutenant Colonels: JS Carter RGJ - to MOD; M. Delf REME - to Electronics Br REME; JA Flake AGC (SPS) - to be Comdt Army Women's Trg Cen; TEA Hawkins RRF - to be DA Ghana; K. Jackson RE - to HQ RSME; AC Mieville Queens - to MOD; TJ O'Donnell 10 GR - to BMM SANG Saudi Arabia; JCM Swabey AGC (ALS) - to HQ Army Legal Gp UK; MWM Warren RE - to MOD.

Retirements: Brigadier MGR Anderson Late RA; Brigadier GBL Campbell Late RE; Brigadier IW McLaughlan Late SG; Col GA Allen Late R Signals; Col PD Bentley Late RTR; Col RM Connaughton Late RCT; Col GFV Cowell Late RAOC; Col RH Dadswell Late RCT; Col J. Diffin Late QLR; Col FJM Esson Late AAC; Col IK Forward Late RA; Col PSH Lefever Late RA; Col E. Lowndes Late RAPC; Col RF McDonald RPC; Col JNB Mogg Late RGJ; Col JFB Power Late RAPC; Col RI Reive Late RE; Col TCK Ridley Late RAOC; Col MG Stythe Late RAEC; Col JHB Taylor Late RTR; Col KG Turner Late R. Signals; Col JC Vernon RA CH D; Col MS Wing Late WRAC; Col K. Woodrow Late R. Anglian; Col DJ Wright Late REME.


Air Commodore: GJD Maynard - to HQ STC.

Group Captain: TW Rimmer - to MOD.

Wing Commander: M. Ranger - to MOD; GF Stratton - to MOD; SAT Law - to RAF Uxbridge; GW Davies - to RAF Uxbridge; DL McConnell - to RAF Uxbridge; BS Thrower - to LOG EST MACD/S MORLEY; C. Thirlwall - to HQ RAFSC; R McL. Campbell - to HQ 19 GRP.