Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: CMC Crawford - Centurion as Cdre (in rank of Cdre); PJ Ellis - MOD London.

Commanders: DJD Acland - Nato Belgium; DN Britten - MOD London; BW Bryant - MOD London; HP May - Staff of FO PLymouth; CF Podmore - MOD Bath; ITT Sewell - Herald in cmd; I. Stanley - Ark Royal' DR Udy - MOD Bath.

Surgeon Commander: MA Farquharson-Roberts - Argonaut.

Chaplains: JRN Mullin - MOD London as PRCC(N); I Eglin - Fearless; MH Jackson - Defiance FMB; BF Swabey - Staff of FOSF; GM Walsh - Osprey.

Retirements: Cdr DW Shrubb; Cdr JAJV Stodart.


Brigadier: The Hon SJT Coleridge - to be DA/MA Ankara.

Colonel: DAJ Corbin - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: GAR Adams AGC(ALS) - to Shape(BAE); JC Campbell REME - to MOD; PG Davies RRW - to be DA/NA/MA Bucharest; J. Goodsir AAC - to AAC Ceb; AJ Griffin RA CH D - to be Sen Chap (RC) HQ BAOR/HQ BRSC; GCJL Pearson 7GR - to MOD; CM Steirn RCT - to be CO 7 Tk Tptr Regt; AJ Walsh R IRISH - to FG and IMRO(N); CJ Boc RAMC to MOD; KJ McIntyre-Warnock RAMC to BMH Rinteln as Admin Offr; SA StJ Miller RAMC to HQ UKLF as SO1 Med.

Retirement: Lt-Col RM Forsyth.


Air Marshal JF Willis, to be Air Officer Commanding in Chief RAF Support Command in succession to Air Marshal Sir John Thomson.