Singer August Alsina gropes female fan on stage - but Twitter users take his side

It's not the first time he's done this, either

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R&B singer August Alsina made headlines last week for groping a female fan on stage, but following footage of the incident being posted across social media, many people think the girl looks happy with it.

Alsina was performing at the Freebandz Music Fest in Baton Rouge, Louisianna, when he invited a girl on stage so he could serenade her. 

She sits on a stool as he sings standing behind her, not even making eye contact.

During the performance, he runs his hand across her chest, and when she tries to hold on to his wandering hand, he moves it away to her shoulder.

Several people criticised Alsina for his actions, calling it sexual assault and reminding people not to defend someone who behaves that way,

But there was a surprising volume of tweets from people who thought the girl should have known it was going to happen and it was her fault.

One tweet said “She knew the risk when getting on stage”. The unnamed girl has not spoken out about the incident.

This behavior isn’t out of the ordinary for Alsina, who has made headlines several times for touching his fans. Earlier this year, a video surfaced showing the R&B singer boasting of his “seduction” skills and kissing a fan’s exposed midriff, while she tried to pull away.

Another incident from 2013 showed him bringing a girl on stage and dancing with her, but she pulled away fro him when he attempted to kiss her.

Alsina seemingly responded to the criticism by calling critics “ignorant” and praised the “beautiful young lady”, promising to buy Christmas presents for anyone who had a problem with him.