General Election 2015: Stephen Hawking says he will vote Labour

The physicist shares his Theory of Everything to do with the election

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Stephen Hawking, argued to be the most intelligent man on the planet, thinks that Ed Miliband is the best person to be Prime Minister.

The physicist who was the subject of Oscar-winning film The Theory of Everything, has confirmed he is voting Labour and has backed Cambridge candidate Daniel Zeichner.

"We’re really pleased and we hope that people will take note," said Zeichner

"I think he fully appreciates the huge investment that the last Labour government made in science and you can see that in a lot of the buildings and laboratories around Cambridge.

"And many other scientists understand the city needs a Labour government to get the kind of investment we need again."

Hawking has previously spoken out against the privatisation of the National Health Service.

He described the NHS as "Britain's finest public service".


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In 2013, he said: "Only last summer, I caught pneumonia, and would have died, but for the NHS hospital care. We must retain this critical public service, and prevent the establishment of a two-tier system, with the best medicine for the wealthy, and an inferior service for the rest." Hawking has been politically vocal in recent years, refusing to attend a conference in Israel in protest against the state's treatment of Palestinians in 2013.