Stephen Hawking sings Monty Python's 'Galaxy Song': Out-of-this-world supergroup release new cover of Eric Idle’s Meaning of Life classic

Song released to mark Record Store Day on 18 April

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Stephen Hawking has renewed his collaboration with Monty Python to produce a cover of the classic Meaning of Life hit “Galaxy Song”.

The famous scientist first worked with the Pythons after he and Brian Cox were persuaded to take part in a sketch about physics for the comedy troupe’s live reunion shows last year.

Eric Idle, who sung the original after emerging from a fridge in the 1983 film, has said he persuaded his friend Cox to take part in the scene which saw him knocked down by a rampaging Hawking in Cambridge.

That clip, which appears in the video for the new song, also included Hawking’s synthesised vocals on a snippet of the song about the size of the universe and “how amazingly unlikely is your birth”.

According to The Guardian, the full song has been now remastered with Hawking’s input for a limited edition 7in single released to mark Record Store Day on 18 April.

Just 1,000 copies of the vinyl record will be available, but fans of either the scientist or the sketch group can buy a digital version online here from 13 April.

A version of the traditional arcade game Asteroids has also been created to promote the song – though as of Sunday afternoon the website appeared to be having some technical issues.